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Guiding people to Christ, so they will know him and be changed into his likeness

Sunday Service

11:00 a.m.

Church Address

822 W. Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

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A Biblical Theology of Justice

"A Biblical Theology of Justice" by Pastor Darryl Williamson at The Just Gospel Conference in Atlanta, GA....

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Our Mission

Darryl Williamson invites you worship at Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa, Fl. - livingbyfaith.us/ We believe God has given us the mission “to guide people to Christ so they will know him and be changed into his likeness.” To see this mission realized, our focus is to “engage.” It is important not just to attend a church but also to be a part of it. Living F...

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How Can Blacks and Whites Stand Together on Racial Injustice?

How Can Blacks and Whites Stand Together on Racial Injustice?...

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The Post-Ferguson Discussion Must Pivot From Concerns of Injustice to a Focus on Empowermen

In his excellent and scholarly review of the work of Frantz Fanon, Somali psychologist Hussein Bulhan makes a compelling case that emotive identity-based interpretations of systemic injustices must move beyond explanations and into the realm of directed and sustained action. That’s where I am and I believe even now the post-Ferguson discussion must transition away f...

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Making Sense of the Senseless (Letter to Living Faith)

In Connecticut, a young gunman killed 26 people, 20 of them small children. How can we ever make sense of such an act? Well, we can't but the Lord still wants us to have peace....

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Praying for Boldness in Proclaiming the Gospel

Sharing the gospel can be intimidating at times, but we see in the New Testament that the church boldly shared the good news of Jesus Christ even when it was opposed; let's have that attitude!...

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Calling Living Faith to Prayer

Living Faith's theme for 2012 is Presence, emphasizing our desire and need for the presence of the Holy Spirit in our fellowship. Here we underscore the main indicator of the Spirit's presence....

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Becoming a Transformational Church

The Lord intends for each of us to grow in Christ and our church should be the primary instrument in God's hand to make us more like Jesus. This post outlines six essential elements for our church to become a transformational church....

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How Does God Judge Us?

Knowing that God is fair and impartial in his judgment, it is important that we understand what we will be judged on when we stand before him. Here's the thing: he judges everyone the same!...

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Good Friday Fast

The following was sent out to the members of Living Faith for encouragement and guidance around church-wide fast on Good Friday...

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Reflecting on Passion Week

As we reflect on the Lord's final words of encouragement and instruction to his disciples before his crucifixion, we observe his urgent priorities for his church....

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Our Mission

Last year, we preached a sermon series on our mission. The audio from the series will be uploaded to the site shortly. However, I thought it would be helpful to post the notes from these messages as blog articles, so each week we'll post another article from this series until we've posted them all. Soli Deo Gloria!...

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Waiting for Christmas

Meditations on the examples of two very interesting characters from the first Christmas....

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