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Sunday Morning Prayer

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Bible Study


Welcome! On September 15, 2010 we began an epic study of the foundation of God's work with his people by going all the way back to Genesis to understand God's purposes in creation, the significance of Adam and Eve's sin, and then to reflect on God's plan to recover his creation after mankind seemingly ruined it by disobeying him!

Genesis is very exciting and relevant part of God's word, and our hope in this study is to really learn the book, understand its relevance for our lives and our church, and to see how it connects with the overall redemptive story of God's word.  Come out and join us for a fun time of study, reflection, discussion, prayer, and fellowship.  Look forward to seeing you!

The slides for all past studies are listed below for your review or if you're just curious as to what we're up to.

Grace, Faith and Works [5/15/12]

Overcoming Grace [1/11/12]

After Judgment [1/4/12]

Judgment Part2 [12/14/11]

Judgment Part1 [12/7/11]

Intercession - Covenant Responsibility [11/9/11]

Victory and Honor [8/31/11]

Faith Overcoming Conflict [7/20/11]

Faith's Journey - The Trials of Grace [7/13/11]

Faith's Journey - Part2 [7/6/11]

Faith's Journey - Part1 [6/29/11]

Covenant Overview and the Key to Salvation History [6/22/11]

Covenant Summary and Tower of Babel [5/11/11]

God's Covenant with Humanity [5/4/11]

Judgment Into Renewal [4/27/11]

Prelude to Judgment [3/23/11]

Sin's Legacy and God's Grace [3/2/11]

On Angels [1/26/11]

Our Nature: Old and New [1/6/11]

Reflections on Creation: Roles for Men and Women [12/8/10]

Fall and Judgment [12/1/10]

Temptation and Fall [11/17/10]

The Garden: Marriage [11/10/10]

The Garden: Probation [11/3/10]

Divine Rest and the Fulfillment of Creation [10/13/10]

The Dignity of Humanity and the Crown of Creation [10/6/10]

Creation: God's Good and Glorious Handiwork - Pt2 [9/29/10]

Creation: God's Good and Glorious Handiwork - Pt1 [9/22/10]

Covenant Beginning: A Study in Genesis [9/15/10]

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