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Student Ministry

The gospel changes everything! It is in part, the Catalyst to our conversion and the power to save individuals regardless of their current state. The focal point of Catalyst is not only to see our teens flourish in their faith, but that they would have tangible evidence of true saving faith and posses the ability to articulate the gospel message within their appropriate context. 

Worship with us

We meet Sundays at 11AM

822 W. Linebaugh Ave Tampa, FL 33612 

Who Are We?

Catalyst provides an outlet of authentic relationship building and discipleship, while creating a culture of biblical aptness through in depth study of scripture. Catalyst uses Gospel centered truths to Equip, Empower and Engage students, encouraging every individual about the importance of not only having saving faith, but sharing it also. Catalyst is also comprised of both nuclear members of our community and those who have no affiliation to the ministry and connected to the broader community outside of our fellowship. This enables diversity to our fellowship time and encourages both intentionality and missionary components to our teaching. Above all Catalyst exists to make God’s Word and prayer supreme as they are guiding efforts in all that we do as we live to execute His mission in boldness with deep conviction for those who are lost.