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Single Mothers Ministry

Mothers & Children Growing and Moving Forward Together

About Us

Our mission is to offer support, stability and encouragement as they work toward bettering their lives and providing their families a future filled with hope and possibility. We also provide services to struggling families, who are on the brink of crises, helping them break cycles of poverty and abuse, and even preventing them from potentially becoming part of the child welfare system.

Single Moms Community Program seeks to meet the needs of single-mom families in crisis by creating a network of care, guidance and support in local communities. This 10-week program, made available through our church and community partners, provides skills classes, mentorship and resources designed to help single mothers and their children thrive.

" There are more than 24 million children
in the United States living in single-parent families "

Leadership Team

Paulette Moore

Group Leader

Doreen Moreau


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