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You can't hide behind "orthodoxy"

A pastoral response in light of the recent killings of unarmed, non-threatening Black people in our country. As a church, we want to be able to speak to injustices biblically and compassionately.

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Gabriel Amorim - June 19th, 2020 at 11:25am

I appreciate your thoughts, Darryl. It was not clear to me to whom you were talking, though. All Christians that would adhere to orthodox doctrine would agree with you that Christians should oppose and fight against injustice wherever and whenever they find it. Every decent person would condemn the murder of George Floyd and others unfortunate events alike. We should raise indignant voices with those affected by these tragic events.

I think the difference is allowing these events to divide us between group identities that would superpose our main identity. We should not allow political forces to divide us in antagonistic groups. We must empathise all the more with each other, brethren, knowing that we can help carry each others burden. But, above all, we should be concern with that fact that there is no Jew, nor Greek, nor black, nor white.

If there is injustice, let us fight it together, so that the righteousness of God would be reflected, so that His wrath against this egregious offence would be known.

But let us not jump into categorising people primarily by their own ethnic experiences. But let the experience of being children and brothers in Christ characterise our living, so that we honour every creature as an image of God and we are compassionate towards those who are hurt. I see no need for the racial glasses, we must see each other as one in Christ.