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His Word is the Way

Summary of the Message
The power of God's word to change us into Christlikeness is only unleashed when we live by his word, and that will only happen when we are motivated by a genuine love for God which then leads to our meditating on his word, soaking it into our souls. But it is not enough to know this in principle; we must also have a plan for practicing it in our daily lives.
Key Sermon Points
1. Preliminary point:
For those who are truly in Christ, it is not enough for them to know that they are saved - they also want to live holy and pure lives that pleases their Lord.
2. We need the right understanding: Living it is the key to being it
The human heart is a spiritual learning machine, so we need to train it in righteousness. We do that by surrounding ourselves with a righteous community, filling our minds with righteous thoughts, but one of the main things we do is practice the word of God to develop righteous habits.
3. We need the right motivation: A heart for God is a heart for his word
It is important for us to remind ourselves that a love for God is a love for his word, so we want to develop our love for God as we reflect on his love for us. Simply opening his word will move us closer in that direction.
4. We need the right action: Meditation lead to actualization
God's word does not work its way into our hearts simply by reading it; we need to meditate on it, meaning we need to sit over it slowly, reflect on it, ponder it, allow it to work its way into and then begin to change our very hearts. We need a regular practice for this. Everyone should have a plan for a "daily liturgy" where they make space for God's voice.
Discussion Questions
  1. Give examples of how you have developed habits that changed you. Connect that to your spiritual life.
  2. What should we do if we discern our love for God is not what it ought to be?
  3. What do you find appealing about the daily liturgy example given? What's hard about it?
  4. Practice the daily liturgy example given for two weeks and then reflect on its impact.
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