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Deliverance Prayer

Summary of the Message
It is normal for followers of Christ to find themselves in difficult circumstances, but it is also normal for God to deliver them out of those circumstances. Biblically we see this is one of the ways he proves his commitment to his people. Earnest prayer is his prescribed way of unleashing his deliverance presence and power.
Key Sermon Points
The church that earnestly prayers will see God's deliverance power!
1. Being "stuck" is not a problem for God
Peter's prison situation presents a "stuck problem" from which God will deliver him.
2. The church is the environment for the greatest moves of God
The church is where God's people most commonly encounter his manifest power. This points us to the importance of corporate prayer and the fact that it needs to be a priority in its own right in our gathering rhythms, not merely an attachment to praising and preaching.
3. The kind of prayer that moves God is heart-felt and earnest
One of the ways we express our earnestness in prayer is by persistence, even when we don't feel we are getting the answer from God immediately.
4. We should pray boldly and directly
We should pray boldly and directly about what we need deliverance from, or for the person who needs deliverance, or for whatever is the daunting situation confronting us.
5. We are reminded that God's presence and power is usually preceded by earnest prayer
Earnest prayer strengthens our witness of Christ to those around us who don't know him
Discussion Questions
  1. Do you struggle with the idea that God's deliverance is a standard feature of our faith?
  2. Do you have a testimony you would like to share about the Lord delivering you or someone you know out of a "stuck" situation?
  3. When we say the church is where we see the greatest manifestation of God's presence and power, how does that resonate with you? Do you tend to agree or disagree with that?
  4. How might our hearts be stirred to earnestly pray for one another in the church?
  5. How can we stir our hearts to earnestly pray for our fruitfulness in gospel mission?
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