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Sacred Solitude

Summary of the Message
Though spiritual community and relationships are essential to our spiritual growth, we need to cultivate our direct and personal reliance on the Lord through the practice of solitude. God is calling us into a quiet and restful relationship with him, which is how we gain increased confidence in his ability to deliver us from the many things that threaten our faith and our lives. Practicing sacred solitude helps us to feel that keenly and genuinely.
Key Sermon Points
1. God is speaking
Since God speaks, we need to put ourselves in a posture that allows us to properly hear him. That posture includes confidence in that he longs to act graciously toward us. The Lord wants us to know his deliverance and saving attitude toward us.
2. A relationship with God means returning to God
There is potent, spiritual power in moving closer to God in relationship. IN fact, our becoming increasingly closer to the Lord causes the devil to pull back away from us. Our returning to him is an active thing for us as we takes care to purify ourselves before him. Coming into close proximity to God results in a quieter posture before him as we gain increasing confidence in him and his promises to us.
3. A relationship with God means resting in God
Resting in God is not a passive thing, it is actively trustinghim. Anexample of active trust is waiting for him to act on our behalf, praying in anticipation of his deliverance.

Practicing solitude deepens our dependence on God because it trains us through spending alone time with him without distractions, learning to discern his voice and acting on what he says to us. Don't think of solitude as simply alone time with God, but see it as running into the tower of his protection.
Discussion Questions
  1. Do you find it encouraging and strengthening to turn to the Lord when others have either let you down or have proven to be unable to provide you with the help you need?
  2. Are you moving toward God or away from him? How do you recognize that direction in your life?
  3. Do you believe that God wants to solve you most difficult situations? Reflect!
  4. Do you have practices of solitude? Weekly? Annually? What are your blockers? Discuss.
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