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Summary of the Message
Though anxiety is a common problem, it is also a soul-threatening problem. The Lord does not intend for us to be bound up in excessive and debilitating worry. His prescription for anxiety is prayer. Prayer in anticipation of our being heard and answered - prayer that is a spiritual balm to the heart and mind.
Key Sermon Points
1. Jesus is calling you out of worry:
Since anxiety is a fear of prospective harm or misfortune, it is fundamentally incompatible with faith. It's not that we will never experience it, but when we do, faith drives it away. Why? Because we are confident of God's commitment to providing for our needs.
2. Problems are providential pathways to power-encountering prayer:
The problems we face are real. God never suggests we should see them as minor. In fact, it's the exact opposite because our trials are indeed very major, we should urgently bring them to theLord, expressing petitions and requests for him to address them, yet we are to do this with a spirit of gratitude. We know that God's invitation to pray is grounded in the person and work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
3. Urgent situational prayer strengthens our souls:
What makes prayer powerful is not just that we do it, but we do it in real life. It creates the occasion for God to move into our lives and impact things very practically. When we pray like that and experience God's presence in the wake of praying, it brings a peace to our hearts and minds that is not explainable, but very experienceable.
Discussion Questions
  1. Talk about how easily we can get into deeper problems when we try to solve our problems without first seeking God's provision
  2. Do you think there are any limits to what we petition and request of God? Are there things that are too minor, that we should bother him about, or that are too big that would be unreasonable to ask?
  3. As you see Paul's comment about praying and receiving peace, do you think Paul is suggesting that we should pray for peace in difficulties or if we should pray about the situation and then God gives peace?
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