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The Glory of the House

Summary of the Message
Out of our longing for Christ, his gospel, and people, God intends to grow us into a glorious house in which he will dwell in this broken world. Our loving relationships and the service we bring to one another and the world will display to those who see in us the power of another world entirely.
Key Sermon Points
1. A craving for Christ, his gospel, and his people is necessary if we are going to become God's home here and now (verses 2-3)
God envisions that we will have a spiritual impulse and desire for him and his word, so we need to develop an appetite for this “pure spiritual milk.” We cannot grow up without it, indeed it is the means by which God grows us. What this means for us is that we need to let go of appetites that work against God’s vision for our church and lives. For those of us who are in Christ, we have already tasted this goodness and the Lord is calling us to take it in more deeply.
2. God intends to build this church into a glorious spiritual house for his Spirit to live in within this world, culture, city, and time (verses 4-5)
God’s vision centers not mainly on the spiritual maturity of the individual Christian but the maturity of churches who showcase his character and purposes. Incredibly, God intends to make the church of Christ his home in this world where he can be found, known, followed, and shared. The world desperately needs to see churches that show this glory of a Spirit-filled community; we can display way more light together than we can by ourselves.
Discussion Questions
  1. What are things that are likely to block your desire for Christ, his gospel, or his people?
  2. Given what we see in our passage, how ought Christians respond to their unfortunate experiences of "church hurt"?
  3. Describe ways that the local church can bring glory to God and further his mission in ways that we cannot individually?
  4. I know of some who keep new believers away from the church until they have grown more so they won't be discouraged by the immaturity in the church. How would the Lord have us respond to that?
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