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You Are What You Think

Summary of the Message
Spiritual Disciplines are not about creating a lot of do’s and don’ts. In our text, we explore the space that speaks to the mental stream or thought life of the believer. God enables the Christian not only to flourish, but to be an actionable witness to the world. Let us consider the exhortation of Paul from our passage as a reminder and encouragement that when we set our minds on the things not of this world, we experience the vast beauty stored for all of God’s people in this life and in the next.
Key Sermon Points
1. Managing the Mind
The mind of the believer must be managed in a way that differentiates the mind of those around us. The things we think and constantly feed our minds must match the desired outcomes we aspire to.
2. Seek Things Above
The things of this world only provide counterfeit, artificial temporary means that only further some of our inner sin challenges as Christians. Seeking the things above requires much more than compiling a statement of truths or theological frameworks but rather intentional and actionable decisions made towards the aim of Christ himself.
3. Seeking the things above is not a matter of pursuing what feels good to us or what can emotionally intrigue us. Seeking the things above indeed speaks to our salvific positioning in Christ but that ultimately, we receive and experience more of our intimate relationship with him! Christ promises us that when we seek him and the things above that we ultimately live a life that is of the Kingdom and not of this world.
Discussion Questions
  1. Are my strongest thoughts and mental activity leading me closer or away from Jesus? Really give that thought.
  2. What are my daily habits or rhythms that I must commit to, if not where do I start? (See a leader if you need guidance)
  3. What emotions or responses do I see when I feel the weight of being encumbered mentally from challenging decisions?
  4. How do you speak of or treat anxieties, hurry, distractions in your everyday life?
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