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The Deadly Snare of Immaturity

Summary of the Message
Spiritual immaturity is a mortal threat to the faith of Christians so it is vital that we recognize that we will drift away from God if we are not continually growing closer to him. When we grow in Christ as we are meant to, we develop an appetite for mature spiritual food and we are then able to discern what is best for God’s will in our lives and the world.
Key Sermon Points
1. Christians don't grow in their faith life because they have a SPIRITUAL LEARNING DISABILITY.
When Christians don’t grow it’s because there is a moral / spiritual deficiency such that they don’t long for spiritual things. This is true even when they are sitting in good churches and around people who are committed to Jesus. We must understand that if we are not progressing in faith we are regressing.
2. What is it that the IMMATURE don't understand?
They don’t understand that the righteousness of Christ is not about their nice personality or their understanding of important doctrines, but that it is about their internalizing Christ’s heart for guilty sinners, embracing the costliness of following him, and imitating his humility.
3. The spiritually mature have developed the mind of Christ.
The mature Christian is drawn to the character of Christ, they want to be like him in his love for guilty sinners, his willingness to lay down his life, and in his humility. They also have developed the ability to discern and navigate in this fallen world in a way that is pleasing to God and beneficial to his kingdom.
Discussion Questions
  1. Do you find that you have leaned more on what you "know" about Christian doctrine as a sign of growth more than whether your life looks a lot like Jesus' life?
  2. Do you feel a little discouraged or motivated when you hear about the consequences of not growing?  Please share
  3. How is your love for guilty sinners? Do you long for their repentance? Do you forgive when they repent?
  4. Do you consider yourself spiritually discerning? How do you feel challenged in this area? Give examples when you think you have discerned well.
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